Can't send fax

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Can't send fax

Post by raymond » Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:57 pm


I have an Epson all-in-one L565 printer. One of its advantage is the ability to send Fax from Mellel on the computer itself. As one can see from the attached screen picture, the Print dialogue is enabling me to choose the fax option. Then, in the print dialogue there exists the ability to enter the name of the recipient and its fax number.
This ability in the print menu of Mellel has, suddenly,disappeared recently as seen in the attached screen picture.
The ability exists always in Word, but disappeared in Mellel.
I suspect that something moved in Mellel since Word still does the job. The ability to open the Recipient Settings su=till exists in Word, so why not in Mellel.
Any assistance would be welcomed ... 2.png?dl=0

Thanks in Advance

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