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odd/even footer: problem with export to rtf

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2009 12:03 pm
by jannuss
I've changed the title of the post in the hopes of getting a response.

My file is set up to have different headers and footers on odd and even pages [in the page palette Page Type = odd/even]. I've set the even header and footer heights = 0; in other words, no header/footer on even pages.

This works just fine and gives me exactly the result I want
when I export the file in rtf format, the even header and footers appear.

Is this a Mellel bug or am i doing something wrong?


I have a two page Mellel file that I use and reuse and rereuse again, each time with minor corrections. Three years ago, I changed the contents of the footer and changed the Page parameters so that the footer appears only on even pages [i.e. only on page one].

This file displays correctly on the screen [with the new footer and with no footer on page two]; it prints correctly; it exports to pdf correctly
when I export the file in rtf format (or in doc format), a footer suddenly appears on page two and it's the resurrected footer from three years ago !!!

1. what is going on here?
2. how do I get Mellel to erase that three-year-old file change history?