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Cross platforms

Post by raymond » Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:26 am


Most of Mellel users are not aware of the problems Mac users have with Mellel Hebrew files when wishing to transfer them to the PC world.
In roman languages these problems do not exist, as far as I know.

I have tried to utilize Google Docs, which read and writes R2L languages, what neither Word for Mac not Pages know to do, to be served as the vehicle to transfer Mellel files into the DOC world. I had some problems.

I took a Mellel file of two pages in Hebrew. I copy and paste it into a Google doc and created a file there. All formats have been kept.
Now, I have tried to create new file on my desktop.

From File menu I choose Download file as, and there I have tried some of the possibilities: as RTF and as DOC

First, I have tried to open the RTF file with TextEdit. The file was opened perfectly, with all its formats.
Then, I have tried to import it into Mellel. It was opened with strange rectangles in between the words. Otherwise it was correctly opened. See the screen picture here:

Then I have tried to open it in NeoOffice. A complete failure. Some of the text was presented as it was chinese written, meaning: upside down writing.

The third attempt was with OpenOffice. In this time, the file was opened as it was opened in Mellel, and with the rectangles inside.

I do not have PC so I don't know how it would appear on the PC side, but `I know there are problems when attempts are made to transfer Hebrew file made with Mellel to the other Side.

My questions:
- What are these rectangles?
- Are there other techniques to transfer Hebrew files to the PC side without problems?



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