Sharing (import/export) & Nisus Writer Pro

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Sharing (import/export) & Nisus Writer Pro

Post by ron99 » Sat Oct 17, 2009 3:32 pm

I am rather a novice when it comes to Mellel (I am still using the demo version to see if I should really switch). I have a few questions which I really hope someone can address:

1. When I am importing documents into Mellel (generally from an rtf or MS Word doc), they do not come out the way they are in the original format. How can I address that? Especially the footnotes change a little (and this matters for someone who writes for academia). Moreover, when importing, Mellel asks me to choose between several font category conversions (some of which are usually in red). I don't know what that means and how I could choose the right category conversion, but the result is almost always disappointing. Either fonts do not come out right (especially when I convert a file written in a language other than English) or the style/layout changes a little. I wonder what are the reasons for the problematic import option. Any thoughts on that would be most appreciated.

2. I have similar problems when exporting a file from Mellel. The results as one reviewer has put it are "iffy." They don't come out right or they don't look right. I simply would like to see a better exchange flow with rtf (if not MS Word doc) as I regularly have to give my work to publishers and colleagues who use MS Word.

3. How would you compare Mellel with Nisus Writer Pro? Which one is better especially for scholars and professional writers? Since Nisus Writer Pro seems to provide a much better exchange/sharing options (due to its native rtf format), it looks quite appealing. Any thoughts on the pros and cons of these two softwares would be most appreciated.

As I hear there are quite a few people in academia who use Mellel, I very much hope that I would be able to find answers to my questions and that I can switch from MS World without ever looking back. I really like the other aspects of Mellel and enjoy working with it. It's a great word processor excepting my problems with it so far.



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