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Page numbering in Bookends

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2009 5:22 pm
by raymond

Jon from Bookends suggested me to ask in the list since my problem is in Hebrew text.

I am trying to create reference in a Mellel file which will include as well the page number
I am facing some difficulties in the way I should place the @pagenumbre in the Edit Citation,
I am attaching some screen pictures to this email to explain my problem.
I have tried some positioning the @10 to indicate page 10 in the temporary citation window, but found it difficult because of the r2l writing
In the attached screen picture, I am showing the same reference in the text and in the Edit Citation, but putting the @10 on either side of the raw brought unwanted result.
This is the first screen picture:

Here are the results of document after scanning, and this is as an example to enable you assisting me:

And after scanning the file the results are:

I understand the process. I didn't find the correct way to place page number yet.

Looking forward to your help ... t-19.16.04