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Post by laup » Wed Feb 03, 2010 10:02 pm

Is there a way to change where backups are stored?

The reason for my question is:

I have recently been making changes in response to peer review comments. For reasons that I do not understand, I have lost the changes on several occasions. Further, I did not find the backups until finally I put my mind on it, looked in Preferences to see whether it specified backups and where (it does).

The backups did NOT show up in a Spotlight search, either for a key word or the title or if I used .mellel as part of File Name. The problem, I discovered, is that Spotlight doesn't look in the Library. One can make it look in the library by adding a search criterion "other," looking down the menu of items, selecting System Files, and specifying that they be shown. However, that's a hassle.

If I am correct, and if no one knows how to change Mell's default, then I would urge that the next version of Mellel put backups in Docs/Mellel/Backups.

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