Seeing items using Find

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Seeing items using Find

Post by laup » Wed Feb 03, 2010 10:08 pm


I have had some trouble finding items with Find. It seems to be the case that one must click the "Next" button in the search box and then click inside the Mellel document, at which point the item in question is marked. If instead you look at the Mellel document and just scroll a bit, looking for the item that ought to be marked, it doesn't get marked. It's clicking inside the document pane that does the trick. Am I not doing something right? Is this an intended user requirement? If not, then perhaps the feature could be changed.

Is there a way to change the highlighting color for such items? I have many many temporary citations from Bookends, which currently show up in the same color as the "found" item, which makes it difficult to pick that item out.

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