problems with autotitle and cross references

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problems with autotitle and cross references

Post by fbrzvnrnd » Mon Mar 15, 2010 2:10 pm

I'm working on a large document with a lot of autotitle and cross references. I have 2 problems, I hope someone can give me a hint about:

I have some autotitles like

200 APAX

201 BOOK

202 RAIN


"Inside" every autotitle I have link to other autotitle, like, for example:

200 APAX
You can press here to see the book.

201 BOOK
You can press here to see the rain.


The "here" is a hyperlink to another autotitle, created using cross references.

The problems:

a) I need to copy and paste around 100 autotitles. Mellel handles this fine, creating a copy of the autotitles with a different "Cross reference target ID". For example "201 BOOK" became "201 BOOK copy 1".
The problem is that the copied "here" links still links to the previous autotitles. So the 'here' link of the copied autotitle is still cross referenced to original autotile (for example "201 BOOK" instead "201 BOOK copy 1" ). I can not find a way to change all the copied links to have a link to the copied autotitled. I can only do this one after one, manually. A Idea can save me a lot of hours of boring click and click.
b) Problem b: when I create a cross references I can use the 'existing targets' and 'auto-titles' reference type. The "existing targets" are in alphabetical order. And this is fine. the "auto titles", damn, not. And I spend a lot of time to find a autotitle in a very larg list of. Is there a way to have a sorting for the auto-tile list too?

Thank you a lot for any help about those 2 problems.


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