Styles and the BLACK DIAMOND

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Got the styles thing figured out
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Styles and the BLACK DIAMOND

Post by ElefantSau » Wed Apr 20, 2011 6:50 am


Whenever I use the styles and title flow that I created for specific documents, the styles for paragraphs and characters will never show up "clean" in the toolbar and toolbox. They are always shown with the little black diamond in front, despite the fact that I did not change the character or the paragraph settings. Furthermore, when I assign the titles to certain chrarcter and paragraph styles, the little black diamond will pop up, disappear after me reassigning the title, but I can replicate this situation over and again with the same styles and titles.

This is of no real concern to me, since it does not seem to influence the look and structure of my documents, I'd just like to know whether I am the only one experiencing this effect and am doing something wrong or whether it is a common occurrence.

Thank you!

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