Identifying Paragraph Styles

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Identifying Paragraph Styles

Post by Declan » Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:03 am

Apologies for the cryptic thread title, I couldn't think of a better one. I hope the text below explains what I have in mind.

The issue is this: much of what I work on in Mellel comes as RTF from other pieces of software. In the example currently facing me, I have a pile of footnotes that I'd like to take on the ruler traits, fonts and so on of the defaults in my Mellel document. Rather than doing this footnote by footnote, I'd like to be able to use replace styles to do it. Since in Mellel the paragraph style specifies a particular character style it would seem best to be able to identify all instances of a particular paragraph style and change all to the style I call "note text".

One problem here is that I can't easily identify all instances of a particular set of formatting options so as to select them. The paragraph style shows up as Par. style+ but this is not something that shows up in the Change Styles dialogue. There instead I get Par. Style (Left to Right)+1 and Par. Style (Left to Right)+1 and Par. Style (Left to Right)+2 and Par. Style (Left to Right)+2. I suppose one of these is the style I need to change, but how to know which. If I click one, I get a long and impenetrable list of overrides.

The same thing is quite nicely handled in Nisus, where there are a number of ways in which I might select all instances of a certain kind of formatting, and then change the lot of them at once.

I see that there is the option to "Use selection for find" but it appears to work with the text rather than the formatting. Could there not be something like "Use Selection Formatting for Replace Styles?

Does anyone have any tricks that might help?
Any chance that this matter might become a little easier in some future version?


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