Problem with printing: Layout = 2 pages per sheet

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Problem with printing: Layout = 2 pages per sheet

Post by jannuss » Sat Jan 07, 2012 1:50 pm

I think this is a Mellel problem, but it may somehow be associated with Lion or HP:
Running Mellel 2.9.1 with OS 10.7.2
My printer is an HP Deskjet D4200 with the latest driver (I can't seem to find the version number)

There is a change in print parameters which I think is associated either with Lion or with Mellel 2.9 or some combination of the two:
-- previously, the printer always reverted to the default parameters (1 copy of all pages) everytime you started a new print operation.
-- now, the system remembers your last settings; if I printed 15 copies of pages 1 and 2 last time around. The next request to print comes up ready to print 15 copies of the first two pages.
This is OK as for as I'm concerned.
[I have not seen similar behavior in other applications, NeoOffice, for example]

Here's the problem:
Sometimes I need to print my documents two pages per sheet: I click File/Print/Mellel/Layout and set Pages per sheet to 2.
This works just fine.
However, when I return to the document (and all parameters are as before, i.e. Layout = 2 pages per sheet), the document prints with one page per sheet!
I have to set Layout = 1 page per sheet, exit the print window, reselect Print and reset Layout = 2 pages per sheet for it to work correctly.

My guess is that the problem is some lack of communication between Mellel and the HP driver and/or between Mellel and the Lion.

Any ideas?


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