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Mellel Lite (and Special offer for the forum...)

Post by redlers » Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:56 pm

Mellel Lite is out!

Special Offer first: If you with to try Mellel Lite and share your impression (no problem having it side-by-side with Mellel) and, we hope, write a review in the App Store, please write to us (at redlex @ ).

Mellel Lite (10.7 or later only) is the younger of Mellel, sharing almost all the features, but much cheaper (you can get it for $5 US right now at the Mac App Store). Here's the press release (with some modifications, just for the fun of it):

Mellel Lite, to be released January 28, 2013 on the Mac App Store, is a new word processor, building on the strengths of its older brother, Mellel 3.1 (also released today), and including almost all the features found in Mellel, except for a handful of expert options. Mellel Lite is offered now at a special introductory price of $5 US, to be gradually raised to $19 US.

There are three features in Mellel Lite that are available via in-App purchase:
• Table of Content (in-App purchase: $6.99 US)
• Bibliography: (in-App purchase: $6.99 US)
• Cross Reference: (in-App purchase: $6.99 US)

Mellel Lite is a new yet time tested word processor. Cut from the same cloth as its elder brother Mellel, and also bearing the same version number (3.1) Mellel Lite punches hard (but never leaves marks): It's "lite" but choke full of features; new but also a veteran, as it is based on Mellel; Extremely affordable yet... well, at an introductory price of $5 US (final price: $19 US) it is indeed very affordable. Users can update to any expert features not available in Mellel Lite or to Mellel via in-App purchase.

"Mellel Lite is light, but buy no means a limited edition of Mellel," says Eyal Redler, chief developer at RedleX who trots a beard of biblical length. "We were planning for a long time to complement Mellel with younger, lighter brothers, for both the Mac and the iPad (planned). Mellel Lite is a first step in that direction, and except for a small number of features mainly meant for text-experts, Mellel Lite is a full-blown word-process, that can stand proudly next to the best," he adds.

Alongside Mellel Lite 3.1 RedleX also released today (or yesterday) Mellel 3.1, including features such as an improved template browser with easier access to templates and recent documents, bibliography and citation style mapping, improved import of RTF, retina display support (partial), and more.

Mellel Lite's long feature list include, amongst others:

• Auto-titles
• Footnotes and Endnote
• Templates
• Lists
• Tables
• Markers
• Track Changes
• Outline
• Sort
• Line Numbering
• Insert images as floating or inline objects
• Advanced Find and Replace
• Character Styles
• Paragraph Styles
• Column Styles
• Page Styles
• List Styles
• Export and Import to/from MS Word DOC, RTF, Plain Text and OPML
• Statistics and Word Count
• Special View options and full screen
• Inset Date and Time

Mellel Lite 3.1 and Mellel 3.1 are fully compatible with Mountain Lion (Mac OS 10.8).

Mellel Lite at the App Store:

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