Unexpected behavior with Linguist Software font and Mellel

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Unexpected behavior with Linguist Software font and Mellel

Post by Sayyaar » Thu Aug 15, 2013 1:23 pm

Hello fellow Mellelers,

I'm having unexpected behavior with Linguist Software's Translit LSU font for Semitic transliteration, and I'm wondering if others have had the same issue. Here's the problem: According to the font documentation, particular keystrokes provide the Unicode "Combining Left Half Ring Above" (U0351) and the "Combining Right Half Ring Above" (U0357). The problem is that the keystrokes don't produce the expected character. Instead, they are reversed. That is, the keystroke intended to produce the left half ring produces the right half ring, and vice versa. Normally, I'd assume this is simply a mistake in the keyboard layout (provided with the font) or the documentation, but although this reversal seems generally true, it does not always hold true. In particular, when using the Find and Replace feature, the half-ring character typed into the "replace" field works as expected, but is actually reversed when Mellel replaces the result of my query with the character. BTW, the characters DO print correctly on my laser printer. What's on the screen is what shows up on the page.
Has anyone had a similar experience? Can anyone account for the odd reversal? I'm wondering if it's a bug.

Here are some details on my setup, in case they matter. I have set of character styles defined with my main font (Adobe Text Pro) and most of the typical style variations (bold, italic, etc.). I've linked the Translit LSU font to a particular style variation for Roman script, and I invoke this variation whenever I need to transliterate Syriac words. None of the Open Type features is enabled.

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