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Exporting Mellel Hebrew document with foornote

Posted: Thu May 15, 2014 11:29 am
Platform : MacBookPro, mavericks, Mellel 3.3.2

From time to time I have to export Mellel Hebrew papers, containing endnotes, to an editor who works a PC with Hebrew WORD
In my older version of Mellel (2.2) I did that via FILE > EXPORT > RTF.
The TRF text received by the editor was good. Direction of endnotes had to be reversed. No big deal.
In Mellel 3.3.2 the footnotes do not come out at all -- neither their ordinal numbers in the general text, nor their text at the end of the paper. Nothing!
Export in WORD FORMAT produces gibberish.
Export in PDF is no good because the editor wishes to work on my paper.

How can I reasonably export a Hebrew document with endnotes?


Re: Exporting Mellel Hebrew document with foornote

Posted: Sun May 18, 2014 1:00 pm
I was experimenting today and I wish to report the results of my experiments.
Platform was a MacBookPro with OS 10.9 – Mavericks.
The intention was to email one page of Hebrew text mixed with some English words written in Mellel 3.3 ( = the “MELLEL TEXT”) to a recipient equipped with a P.C. using Microsoft Word as his word processor.
Procedure and results.
1. The MELLEL TEXT, which included 10 endnotes, was converted into RTF via File>Export>RTF. The converted RTF file, when double clicked on, opened, but did not show the endnotes. That, I am told, is because it opened in TextEdit , which does not support endnotes.
2. The RTF file was e-mailed as an attachment to an addressee with a P.C., where it was opened in Word.
3. The new WORD document had the following problems in the main text section.
1. Parentheses were reversed. Commas, full stops, inverted commas were slightly misplaced.
2. The ordinal numbers of the endnotes were slightly misplaced and came out in Roman numerals instead of in the original Arabic figures.
3. The endnotes proper were also numbered in Roman numerals instead of Arabic figures and came out written Left to right. Right justified was achieved in one go.
The bottom line is that conversion from Mellel to Word was not really satisfactory. I see the endnotes’ Roman numerals issue as the main problem. I wonder how can that be rectified.

Meanwhile I achieved much better results using the following procedure:
1. Export Mellel to RTF as above.
2. Open the RTF file by dragging it over the OpenOffice app icon and save in OpenOffice. The latter saved file will show endnotes in perfect order and with Arab numerals.
3. E-mail the OpenOfice file to destination and ask recipient to open it in WORD.

Feedback from readers repeating my “VIA OPEN OFFICE” experiment will be appreciated.