New user - Associating Style set and Auto-title

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New user - Associating Style set and Auto-title

Post by jmf » Thu Oct 23, 2014 4:50 pm

- I am a new user and want to end up with a default styles set and associated auto-title set.
- I have set up a styles set one element at a time - character and then paragraph and saved them as the default template. All seems well.
- I began to set up an associated Auto-title set using the default auto-title set.
- I applied a character style for each of the first six auto-titles with the Default Auto-Title Setup. All looked good- it appeared that the headings were in the right place.
- I applied a paragraph style for each of the first six auo-titles. All worked well level 1 through level 3.
- Once I applied the paragraph style to levels 4, 5, and 6, they were moved flush with the left maergin and an additional linfe was added above the title for each additional level.
- I've compared the default styles for characters and paragraphs and I cannot find anything that seems out of place.
- I've tried this with the other two included Auto-title defaults (Numbered and Article) and the same thing happened.

Is this a conceptual problem I'm having in terms of how the functions are supposed to work or another type of problem? Assistance would be much appreciated.


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