Search for Changed Character/Paragraph Type?

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Got the styles thing figured out
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Search for Changed Character/Paragraph Type?

Post by timothylfox » Mon Jun 08, 2015 12:38 pm

Hi all,

How do you search for a specific CHANGED character/paragraph type, i.e., one that has a black diamond to its left in the styles menu? I keep trying to search for "anything" or "any character," but then when I go to set the style, the "diamond" styles are not in the list anymore. I've also tried searching in the footnotes by, e.g., "Note Text," but then grouping and negating it, so as to find anything in the footnotes that ISN'T my preferred style. This doesn't work either - it just finds every character with "note text" style (the opposite of what I want).

I've been able to fix most of my updated styles through the File...Replace Styles... menu, but for some of the changed styles, I can't tell which kind of style it originally came from, as the changed style's name is something vague like "Times New Roman 10."


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