Another Q on Find/Replace

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Another Q on Find/Replace

Post by timothylfox » Mon Jun 08, 2015 1:39 pm

Hi all,

When doing find/replace, can you set the variation of one of the groups (=backreference)? E.g., I want to go through and find everywhere that at least one letter is followed by a space, a digit (at least one), and then (19##. I then want to change the letters to italics (which is my B variation). So something like this:

SJT 25 (1974): 35

would become:

SJT 25 (1974): 35

I know how to search for this string, but when I go to change the "variation" in the "replace" box (using backreference for group 1 (=letters)), it also changes the variation for the entire set of backreferences.

Any ideas?


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