How to sync Desktop & iPad

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How to sync Desktop & iPad

Post by gnoli » Wed Oct 07, 2015 5:17 pm

Dear all, I am not able to use effectively Mellel on my Mac and iPad. I am an oooolder user of Mellel app, that I bought many years ago from Mellel store. This version, as usual, does not function with Mellel for iPad via iCloud. So, is it possible to use some other method to sync? The cooperation with Bookends is granted also for the AppStore version? Is it possible to have an upgrade price? The iPad version is really cool!!!

Thank you very much.

Eyal Redler
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Re: How to sync Desktop & iPad

Post by Eyal Redler » Mon Oct 19, 2015 11:12 pm

Regarding iCloud, make sure that iCloud is enabled for Mellel on the mac and the iPad
1. Go to the Settings app, click iCloud and make sure it is turned on and that you're logged in
2. In the settings app, locate Mellel and click on it. Make sure that the "Use iCloud" switch is turned on.
Make sure you have iCloud drive enabled (if you're Mac OS version is before Yosemite then this may a problem as iCloud drive is not supported before Yosemite)

Regarding other method of synching: you can sync manually via "File sharing", see the Mellel for iPad Help file for more details (click the '?' button to see the help)
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