looking for fonts from Davka's Mellel Hebrew Writer

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looking for fonts from Davka's Mellel Hebrew Writer

Post by steig » Mon Jan 11, 2016 10:33 pm

I have a Mellel document that uses the fonts "Davka David" and "Davka Rashi" that has very precise formatting, and so I can't substitute another David or Rashi font for the original. I don't have these fonts. I suspect that these fonts came from "Davka's Mellel Hebrew Writer", which was sold by Davka a few years ago, but is no longer being sold by them. These fonts also don't appear in any of the font packages that Davka is currently selling.

Could anyone help me obtain these fonts? Could anyone who has Davka's Mellel Hebrew Writer confirm whether or not they were included with it? Does anyone know of any (other) source for these fonts or products that included them?

Thank you.

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