Syncing Mellel between iPad and Mac

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Syncing Mellel between iPad and Mac

Post by GeoEng51 » Fri Jul 22, 2016 7:10 pm

I thought I'd share some of my experiences with syncing Mellel on the iPad and on a Mac (Mac version NOT bought through the Apple Store). Both iOS and OS X versions are up to date as of today, as is my version of Mellel (3.5). I initially had problems syncing, but with a bit of experimentation, got it to work:

First, on the iPad:
  • 1. Within Settings...iCloud Drive...Mellel is listed and is turned "on".
    2. Within Mellel, click on the "new document" icon in the upper left of the screen - one option is to access the iCloud Drive.
    3. Doing so brings up a list of all folders on the iCloud drive, one of which is "Mellel". You can save and open files to this location.
    4. So far, pretty much what you would expect for an iPad app.
Second, on the Mac:
  • 1. Within System Preferences....iCloud...iCloud Drive Options: Mellel does NOT show up under the list of "Apps that store documents and data in iCloud will appear here".
    2. Within Mellel, try opening a document and select iCloud as the source. The first time I did this, on the same day that I installed Mellel, I didn't see any "Mellel" folder, (even though I could see it when I was using Mellel on my iPad).
    3. Create a new document within Mellel.
    4. Select "Save As", then "iCloud Drive".
    5. Again, there was no "Mellel" folder on the iCloud drive to which to save the document. So, I created a new folder "Mellel2" and saved my document there.
    6. When I went back to the iPad and opened Mellel there, to check for this new "Mellel2" folder, I could see it, so I opened the newly created document. (If I then closed that document on the iPad, it was automatically saved in the "Mellel" folder, not the "Mellel2" folder).
    7. A couple of days later, I started up Mellel on my Mac. I could see both the "Mellel" and "Mellel2" folders on the iCloud drive (was this a delayed thing that would have happened anyways, or was it dependent on me creating the "Mellel2" folder? I don't know).
    8. I closed Mellel on both the iPad and the Mac. I moved all my Mellel files into the "Mellel" folder on the iCloud drive, then deleted the Mellel2 folder. When I reopened Mellel on the Mac, I could still see the "Mellel" folder on the iCloud drive and syncing between Mellel on the Mac and the iPad is now working as expected.

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