Auto Title Font Won't Change

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Got the auto-title mojo working
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Auto Title Font Won't Change

Post by JWH » Thu Sep 01, 2016 3:19 pm

After my OSX "upgrade" I lost Century Schoolbook (my standard font for 10 years worth of writing!). I replaced this font with Palatino in "Character Style" in my Style menu for all styles. I've gone through and double checked my paragraph styles so my headings refer to this character style font. But when I create a new document I still get the Helvetica (or whatever it is) in headings as the substitute for the lost Century Schoolbook. The Style Sets say it should be Palatino, but it looks Helvetica and the floating palette shows (Century Schoolbook) under "Text Attributes." I even tried to refer to "Body" style (which does work when I write a new Body Paragraph) in the Paragraph Heading styles. But it still comes up with the Century Schoolbook replacement. What am I missing?

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