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iPad functionality (quotation marks and paragraph styles)

Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2016 6:40 pm
by lunchbox_o

Being a long time Mellel user I naturally bought the iPad version as soon as I got one. It really delivers the Mellel feeling and I am impressed that all my documents look pretty much exactly as intended.

However, I ran into some problems which I don't know are features that I simply didn't discover or whether they are indeed missing altogether as of yet.

1. Is there a possiblity to get automatic typographical quotation marks for specific languages? Straight quotes only is really not something I expect from a commercial writing application aimed at professionals.

2. Is there any possibility to save the changes I made to a paragraph? When I modify the styles for a paragraph all is fine but only temporarily. For example: I modify the "Body" style, which results in "Body+" -- then I insert a "Heading" and when I press enter I get the default "Body" style with the Helvetica Neue again.

I understand that I could make these modifications on a Mac (which I don't have near me at the moment) and open these prepared files on the iPad but as I said, I have no access to a Mac at the moment so it looks like I'm stuck with default settings.

I'd appreciate if you could shed a little light on my confusion.

All the Best!