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saving language settings in templates

Post by mellel.rz » Sun May 28, 2017 2:40 pm

I have three related proposals / requests for the next version of Mellel.

Proposal 1:

In the Preferences, Mellel allows the user to choose from a large variety of typographical quotation marks. This is excellent. I use a number of different languages in my work, each with its own typographical conventions.

However, it seems that when the user stores the preferred quotation marks (in ‘Preferences’), these will be the preferred quotation marks in general, irrespective of which language one is writing in.

It would be a great improvement if in the Preferences users could store the preferred quotation marks per language (one set for Dutch, one for German, one for French,…), so that this need not be altered every time one writes something in a different language.

Proposal 2:

It would also be great if the quotation mark settings could be stored in a newly written document.

Proposal 3:

One can choose the language in which one is writing (in ‘character style’), but apparently this is not stored in the templates. I use different templates for documents in different languages (for instance, with different footers for the different languages), and it would be nice if the language of the document is also thus stored, so that it becomes unnecessary to mark and change the language of the document before using the spelling check.

These features are implemented in other word processors, e.g., LibreOffice. I suspect that it should not be very difficult to build these into Mellel too.

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