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Numbering of (total) pages per page format / section

Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:20 am
by heartcore

I have a document:
1 page: Title page
3 pages: Formal stuff
20 pages: The actual content of my work
→ A total of 24 pages.

On the pages with the actual content of my work, the numbering should be done with Arabic numerals (in the footer, starting with 1). Like: "Page 1 of 20" → This works perfectly.

But I would like pages to be numbered in roman numerals on the pages with the formal stuff (in the footer). Like: "Page I of III" → Page [actual page number starting with 1] of [total number of the pages with "formal stuff"] → Starting with 1 works great… But if I put in the footer on the formal pages the variable "Total number of pages", I get this output: "Page I of XXIII" → But actually there should be: "Page I of III"

I have created separate page formats for the title page, for pages with the formal stuff and of course for my pages with the content of my work. Everything works great, except for the matter with the page numbers on the "section" with the formal stuff.

How can I do that? Unfortunately, I could not find helpful hints in the forum.
Thanks a lot!

Re: Numbering of (total) pages per page format / section

Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2018 3:26 pm
by jannuss
heartsore, what you are looking for is a page variable that gives to total pages in a section and not the total pages in a document.

This doesn't exist, but I do have two workarounds for you
1. The obvious: do this manually.
The number of pages of your "formal stuff" is not likely to change often, so simply use <current page number> of iii.
Not very elegant, but easy.

2. create a document variable.
-- in Preferences/Document setup, double click on <variable #4>, enter a new name like 'formal stuff'
-- give this new variable a value in File/Document setup
Again, not what you really want, but slightly more elegant than the manual solution.

Of course, you can write the Redlers and suggest they add a system variable for total pages in a section.