Tables: locking line positions

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Tables: locking line positions

Post by o0Mellel0o » Fri May 18, 2018 1:42 am

I have searched for an answer online. Perhaps I just have not hit upon the ideal keywords. I have not turned up anything.

I would like to know whether the lines of a table can be locked in position?

I frequently try to economize space where it can be squeezed out so it can be freed up for areas requiring as much room as can be made available. Characters may end up very close to a line. If I need to highlight the text it is a recurring problem accidentally touching a table line. This can make a mess of my content layout. I would like to be able to lock tables in place so once they are set up there is no way to accidentally change the position of a line.

Is there a way to lock table lines in place?

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