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Export to docx

Post by Bulow » Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:17 am

The joys of using Mellel have always included the problem that nobody else does. For many years the solution has been to import and export via RTF and it has worked well, if the text was not too complicated from a lay-out point of view. The introduction of docx did not make our lives easier, but recently Mellel created an admirable solution for importing this format. I really find that it works well. BUT… Recently I have had more and more complaints from publishers to whom I or others had submitted RTF created from Mellel, that there were problems especially with Greek typefaces. Apparently Word substitutes certain signs from the special font that is adapted to our needs (IFAOGrec-Unicode) with Times New Roman even when the recipient has this font. The most common error is that the dot under letters is wrongly placed. So my favourite publisher, who had seen the light and used Mellel, has now decreed that they will no longer accept files in Mellel as he used to, and files converted by me to RTF also create problems. So, are we condemned to use Word, or are Mellel going to create an export into docx which is as good as the import? I am sure that Microsoft have changed something in the newer versions of Word in order to force exactly this result. Are we going to submit?

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Re: Export to docx

Post by Eyal Redler » Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:22 am

Regarding docx export, we are working on that and we plan to add this as soon as possible but at the moment I will not commit to a version or a date. Our plan was always to have both import and export but the task was too big to do at once so we decided to do the import first for obvious reasons.
Regarding the issue you're having with your greek fonts and RTF export, please contact our support and let us know about this. There's no reason to wait till we have docx export to fix this.
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