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.doc export files mushroom in size

Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 4:58 pm
by Daniel Geiger
Word compatibility (hate it all you want, it is essential!) is still a major problem. Have a MS with five small jpegs. Mellel document is 1.6 MB, export as .doc makes it 69 MB! RTF only increases to 3.6 MB. Had to copy-paste text, then reformat entire ms, and got it to 1.9 MB. Fortunately still have an old version of Word 2011 around, so can fix all that mellel does not handle, but that soon won't be available, and I foresee lots of problems.
This is not the first or only problem with Mellel-Word. Every single file I create and convert one way or the other has significant issues. Please work on that. It is essential in the real-academic world.