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Mellel on iPad Portrait mode

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 11:03 am
by achterblad
I am using Mellel on my iPad Pro, mostly with an external keyboard and a tablet stand. At first sight it is a great idea to write and edit in portrait mode because much more text is visible than in landscape mode, more or less a whole page. To keep the text readable it is necessary to zoom the text to the text margins, not the page margins, and adjust the text portion horizontally with a finger swipe.

But: Mellel does not keep the horizontal adjustment of the page when a new page is reached. I have to adjust the text on each and every page. That is very incomfortable and excludes the use of the portrait mode. Pages does not behave in the same way but keeps the horizontal adjustment as long as a file is displayed.

Please find a way to change that Mellel behavior.