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Tables in Mellel 4.2

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 6:23 pm
by raymond

I was welcoming Mellel 4/2, but found some difficulties with its new features.
I can't find how I apply the new style of tables. When opening my tables interface, it is different than the one presented tin Mellel tutorial.
What am I missing?

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Re: Tables in Mellel 4.2

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 11:21 pm
by laup
Many commands (e.g., merge) are now reachable via the little gear icon at the bottom left of the table palette.

As for applying styles or templates, you have to create them. Then, when you add a new table (Insert/Table), you will see options in the popup interface. It works very neatly.

The user guide has a much more careful and definitive description.

Re: Tables in Mellel 4.2

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 5:25 pm
by Eyal Redler
What's available in the insert table sheet depends on the contents of your style set. If you have only one table style with one template then that is what you're going to see.
If you open a new document using the default Mellel template you should see the same styles presented in the video tutorial but if you are working on an older document created with a pre 4.2 version of Mellel, its style set only contains one table style that was created automatically when you opened that document in Mellel 4.2.