New Find, auto-titles, and citations

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New Find, auto-titles, and citations

Post by frvs » Tue Sep 05, 2006 10:34 pm

In-place editing, and searching, within auto-titles is awesome. But the emerging difference between auto-titles and citations, which otherwise look the same kind of encapsulated objects, is not. While auto-titles have ceased being autist, citations remain so.

For instance, today I realized I had consistently misspelled an author's name both in Bookends entries and within Mellel. When I realized my error, it was easy to correct everything both within Bookend and within Mellel. But I could not do so in citations already entered into Mellel. Since I could not find and replace the misspelled name within citations, I had to do it by opening citations one by one, which felt (and dragged on and on and on…)like a stone-age method within rocket-age Mellel.

I very much hope that revamping citations, in line with recent progress regarding autotitles, is part of the announced plans for improvements!

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