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Future Collaborative Possibilities

Post by digimarkus » Fri Sep 15, 2006 7:34 pm

Now, I know this is a little ways off; however, the new DOCX Word format will offer some interesting possiblities in the future. Consider this preview of round trip editing between Word 2007 and MindManager (a structured XML format like Mellel): http://blog.mindjet.com/2006/09/editing ... -word-2007

Imagine saving your Mellel document as a .docx file to send to your peers (who more than likely use Word on Windows), with all your auto-titles protected by content controls and embeded macros. They use the macro in word to do the edits on your autotitles. They then send the file back to you and you open it in Mellel with all auto-titles still in place. This same process could protect citations, crossreference, comments, etc.

As I said, this future is still a ways off, but it does demostrate the freedom that may come with a more open Word file format.

- Mark

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