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In praise of styles

Post by mkenney » Thu Oct 12, 2006 5:31 pm

Most posts on the this forum concern a desired feature, a perceived shortcoming, or ask for help. So, I thought I would offer some praise for a change of pace.

I've been using Mellel for a little over a year, and have, perhaps, gotten too accustomed to its excellence. I was proofreading an article today and realized that several words and titles that should have been italicized in the text were not. Somehow character variation 'c' had been switched from italic to base. I made the change back, but was dreading the prospect of carefully looking for every word that would need to be change. Of course, I did not need to do that. Mellel's style feature did that for me.

Small things like this make working with Mellel so easy and a pleasure.

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