Feature request: Printing temporary citations

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Feature request: Printing temporary citations

Post by gelo » Sat Aug 16, 2008 1:11 am

First of all, as this is my first post, i want to thank Redlers for their great work in Mellel, starting today I'm a new official Mellel user and I've bought your software.
I'm from Spain and I use Mellel for academic purposes, i found Mellel-Bookends combination a perfect work-flow (while Mekentosj Papers is still not compatible with Mellel).

I'm writing my DEA (kind of spanish pre-thesis). I need to regularly show my work to my tutor. My suggestion is about the appereance of in-text citations previous the bibliography creation. There is no problem on the screen working on Mellel (the background color is ok). But if i print my draft DEA to share it with my tutor (he doesn't have Mellel and still I've no need of final bibliography creation), citations appear without any background color or brackets in order to clearly distinguish it as citations. I'd suggest to enclose it in brackets in this situation, wich are always removed if the user tries to include it manually in the "edit citation" window.

Jose Luis

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