Request to fix a minor annoyance

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Request to fix a minor annoyance

Post by DanZac » Mon Apr 27, 2009 1:57 pm

I've mentioned this i think by email to the Redlers, but thought I'd bring it up here too.

This is a very small issue but quite annoying.

To enter in to and edit auto-titles and BE citation areas, I use the keyboard navigation of highlighting the item then hitting enter, making the edit, then hitting enter again to exit the auto-title/citation.

I'm annoyed by the very last step of hitting enter to exit the auto-title/citation area. Hitting enter causes a change in where the page is situated— usually it scrolls the page downwards. I find this quite annoying, as I'm constantly having to adjust my page after making a citation/auto-title edit.

Please fix this minor issue. Thanks.

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