OBSOLETE! (feature request: More detailed undo history)

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Got the styles thing figured out
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OBSOLETE! (feature request: More detailed undo history)

Post by flooce » Thu Dec 03, 2009 8:40 am

Great I just updated to the newest version 2.7.2 form something like 2.5 or 2.6 ... and everything works as I wanted it to work! Great! I feel like a fool though ;) :roll:

My post is hereby obsolete. Thanks to the Mellel team for their continuous development of this great program!

I was scanning a bit through the forum, but couldn't find anything recent, meaning 2009 dated, on this topic, so might be a known issue, but I want to bring it up none the less.
Undo must be fixed and needs more power! Urgently! (And come on, as far as I am concerned there is no proper Undo function at all!)
The problem:
--> The "memory" of the UNDO function is way to omitting, patchy, and in my concern even erratic and does not keep track of all the detailed changes in a document.

This is a different Problem than the issue with undo only goes back until the last save of the document!

When I write a sentence, a paragraph, a page, and then edit a part of it but don't like my new formulation and want to go back to the old formulation, this is simply not possible. When I press undo Mellel goes back something like to two pages ago, ignoring any step in between. This is completely unacceptable! This is not a proper UNDO function!

Or if I mark a text and want to apply for example a bold style: Normally I would on a MacBook/(Pro) press Fn+F2 to apply the style. Since the F2 key is so small, sometimes it happens that one would press the 2 key instead and the marked-up text is replaced with the new text "2". Wow, a whole paragraph can be lost this was and UNDO does NOT bring it back, but jumps 2 pages back.

This is the single most important issue for me! As for academic reasons I write in English, which is not my native language (as you might be able to tell), and I write in English a lot of the time, I need to reformulate quite often, which makes the lack of UNDO even more upsetting.

Please fix this one please. Add more sensitivity to the UNDO function about the changes that happen. I want to be able to undo every word, every sentence as I can in other text editing and writing programs.

Thanks to the Mellel team, like your program though, if it weren't that good, I would have changed it already just because of this undo thing.

PS: If there is any work around or any preference to change, please tell me :) (couldn't find anything in the guide).

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