Feature Request: Insert Filename (and path)

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Feature Request: Insert Filename (and path)

Post by rmansfield » Wed Apr 13, 2011 5:26 pm

Both MS Word and Pages have a feature that allow you to insert the name of the file at the bottom of a document. And both of these also allow the option of inserting the path of the file as well. This looks better in Pages than Word as Pages correctly uses forward slashes (/) for the path hierarchy whereas Word uses colons (a system stemming back to the classic Mac OS days).

I'd really like to see this feature in Mellel as it's very helpful if one has quite a few files in print form distributed and needs to locate one on the computer again quickly.

Logically, it could be added to Mellel's Insert menu as simply "Insert: Filename." Right clicking on the resulting text could include "Add path" and "Update" (in case a file name is changed or relocated).

So, if I were to save a file in Mellel and then insert the filename and path, it would appear at the location point as something such as


I realize that this isn't a high priority request, but it would be very helpful and is a staple of most major word processors. And while I'm no programmer, I cannot imagine that it would be too difficult to implement.

I requested it a few years back (although that request no longer shows up in the forums--I guess it's too old), but there was no real response. I'm hopeful it might receive at least a little bit of consideration since I recently purchased Mellel for the second time, so that I could give it a glowing review in the Mac App Store. I am willing to pay extra and trade favors for feature request consideration :D
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