Mellel 3.0 is Here

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Mellel 3.0 is Here

Post by redlers » Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:21 pm

Hi to All - Mellel 3.0 is out and about... Following is the press release, but you can read all about the new features also in our release notes:


Ori from RedleX


Mellel 3.0 is a major update to the leading word processor for Mac OS X. The update introduce Live Bibliography, smart palettes, enhanced Full-Screen support, and many other exciting new features. All licenses come with a guaranteed life-time of free updates.

Mellel continues to innovate. Version 3.0 of the leading word-processor, known for its stability and strong support for long-document creation, continues its tradition of innovation, and adds several features designed to make work with word processing documents easier.

Live Bibliography is a new feature which allows automatic and immediate update of a bibliography of cited references. "We try to emulate Apple here," claims Eyal Redler, chief developer at RedleX: "It's not being there first that counts - it's being the first to do it right. And when you'll get to 200 bibliographic sources in your document, you'll know exactly what we mean by 'doing it right'," he adds. (The new feature works with Bookends reference manager).

Other major new features in Mellel are the enhanced Fullscreen mode, allowing you to work in full screen with all the options available or with a 'clean' interface (plus a Lion-like support for full screen with Leopard and Snow Leopard); revamped palettes, combining enhanced usability, management features, and smart combination of styles and attributes; Enhanced language support, with smart switching of spelling dictionaries depending on the keyboard layout used; an enhanced (and easier) template support and management; Full support of Lion's 'versions'; support for iCloud; and much more.

Mellel 3.0 is fully compatible with Lion (Mac OS 10.7).

An extended list of new features:
* Live bibliography: Your bibliography will update automatically (and quickly) in a document as you add new references (with Bookends).
* Real fullscreen mode for Lion and Snow Leopard (yes, you can get a Lion-like fullscreen mode with 10.6.x): You can work in 'clean' full screen mode or use palettes, outline and menus... or anything in-between - just take your pick.
* iCloud support... Only for those who buy Mellel at the App Store!
* Auto-save: if you're using 10.7 (Lion) you can auto-save files using versions... But you can also use the old auto-save system.
* Automatic Language switching: Spelling dictionary will switch as you switch languages. You can also set which spelling dictionary to use with which language, set a language to any selected piece of text, and more.
* Palettes, new and improved: Palettes are now easier to manipulate, change, arrange, drag and so on - but they keep in one place, respecting muscle memory accessing palette options... And there are less of them!
* Ruler and tabs: the easy way. You can now add tabs on the fly, drag them, set exact position, change tab types, enjoy a vertical rule, snap tabs, and so on.
* Template options: you can now easily set the preview, description and update palettes quickly and easily (Mellel will remember where to put the template).
* Re-arranged menus: we've added a View menu, and condensed all the style menus into one.
* Easy access to styles: Access the page, paragraph, list, character and section styles easily via the palettes - each style palette offers all the options, and a style list.
* Document and fullscreen background: More in the fun-and-games department, but useful to those who wish to control those.

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Re: Mellel 3.0 is Here

Post by DanZac » Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:30 pm

congrats on the latest release Redlers !

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