Shortcut for edit citation in Live Bibiography mode

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Shortcut for edit citation in Live Bibiography mode

Post by typofi » Sun Dec 30, 2012 2:21 pm

Could we get a keyboard shortcut for editing citations when using the Live Bibliography mode? I know Bookends provides the possibility to enter citations with modifiers but frankly it's not a very quick or convenient option. Even more importantly, I often need to edit my citations when I'm rewriting my texts over and over.

Naturally, double clicking on the citation works but that is a bit slow. Feels silly that I have to switch from the keyboard to the mouse just to enter one modifier character into the citation.

I like the way you can edit citations when the Live Bibliography is not in use. I.e. just select the citation – quick with arrow keys and shift – and then press enter. But when the Live Bibliography mode is active, the edits done this way do not seem to go to the "actual citation", just the temporary one. Meaning that if I need to unscan the document, I will lose all the changes I've made to the citations. Which is clearly not an acceptable option.

How about changing it so that if you edit a citation by selecting it and pressing enter, the citation would revert to its original form while it's being edited? And then it would go back to being "live" after the edit is made?

Or then give a shortcut which would open the Edit Citation window if a citation is selected?

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