Mellel 3.1 is here!

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Mellel 3.1 is here!

Post by redlers » Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:59 pm

Mellel 3.1 is out, with plenty of new features:
• Bibliography and citation style mapping
• Citation and bibliography Mapping per document
• Improved Template browser
• Easy access to recent documents
• New documents based on template
• Default Language improvement
• Easy access to languages for spelling
• Improved RTF, Plain text, and OPML import
• Retina support (partial)
• Improved templates
• Document setup and Info unified into one
• Improved appearance
• More backgrounds
• Globalising Style sets made easier

Those of you who really want to get all the little details can do so courtesy of this wonderful link:

To download the latest version: (but you can simply check for updates... It'll do the same!)


You can also buy Mellel, if you haven't: ... mt=12&ls=1 or here: ... MQK_LIVE&&


Ori from RedleX

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