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Update References On Save or Button Click

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:46 pm
by laup
The live bibliography stuff with Bookends is great (I don't use Sente, but I assume the same is true with that). If one changes an item in Bookends, then Mellel will be update if Parallels is open and one adds a new citation, edits a temporary citation in Mellel, or closes and reopens--all of which cause Bookends to be stimulated.

I suggest that Mellel should update its bibliography and citations whenever a document is saved or saved-as to another file, assuming that Bookends is open. Or, if that would create a risk, there could be a query "Do you want to update citations first?". I suggest also that the "Refresh" button on the palette could do double-duty and cause such a refresh.

My reasoning is that it is decidedly unaesthetic for the document to remain "wrong" after a fix on the Bookends side. I understand the need to stimulate Bookends rather than, say, have a potentially troublesome demon. However, the stimulation should be simple, such as saving or clicking a button.