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Mellel 3.2.1 is Here

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2013 6:12 pm
by redlers
Mellel 3.2.1 is here. You can download it here: Or simply check for updates.

This bug-fix release deals with a critical issue with Leopard and contains several other important bug fixes:
• Fixed compatibility issues with Leopard (10.5)
• Restored support for automatic baseline shift adjustment for MathType equations
• Smarter application of default language when creating a new document. The default language is not applied when null or when the character style has a language defined in the selected variation
• When applying a style set on an empty document, the language of the default character style is applied on the text
• When applying character attribute changes on an empty document the applied attributes are actually saved in the document and not discarded
• Properly drawing folder names in template browser by truncating when needed


Ori from RedleX