Variants of fonts or whether to renumber

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Variants of fonts or whether to renumber

Post by laup » Wed Aug 07, 2013 3:20 pm

Is there a easy and controllable way to have variants, such as

1. A variant style set in which one used a different front
2. A variant auto-title set-up in which one doesn't include the numbering of chapters?

One can copy the whole style set or auto-title set-up and make the many changes one-by-one, but there "ought" to be a simpler way. Further, this is begging for configuration-control problems. For styles, if creating such variants is not a built-in feature of Mellel (I don't think it is), then if the .sset file were readable in some application, then perhaps one could do a one-time Find and Replace turning "Times New Roman" into "Bookends Old." It seems less likely that there would be an analogue for auto-title setups. So, my post has two purposes: suggest the new feature of having such families of variants and ask the forum whether there are interim tricks.

For some manuscripts, using a standard font is essential (typically Times Roman), but it's not a very aesthetic font and, when I have a choice, I'd prefer something else.

For some manuscripts (e.g., early drafts), it is very nice to have numbering of chapters, sections, etc., as part of collaboration and editing. Later, it is often desirable to get rid of the numbering because that conveys a style of technical reports (or, worse, government reports) rather than scholarly writing.

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