Find adjacent words with their differing Character Styles

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Find adjacent words with their differing Character Styles

Post by centralasian » Wed Nov 13, 2013 5:17 pm

Once again I have a query about Finding and Replacing.

I am formatting text and need to find all instances of something like the following: <p>TextA</p>

BUT, the <p> and </p> have their own Character Style, and the TextA has a different character style.

Unfortunately there are other blocks of text which look similar, <p>TextB</p>. In this case <p> and </p> have the same character style as the ones above, but the Character Style for TextB is once again different, and not the same as TextA.

I thought I could simply run a Find "<p>TextA" by pasting the items into the Find box and then applying their respective Character Styles, BUT only one Character Style ends of getting applied. If I choose the Character style which the <p></p>'s use, the that is applied to the TextA in the Find box. Same going the other way. And so I end up not Finding anything, or (if I 'Remove Formatting' in the Find box) Finding instances of both <p>TextA</p> AND <p>TextB</p>.

How in the world can I search for adjacent text according to their respective Character Styles??

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