Mellel 3.3.3 is Here

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Mellel 3.3.3 is Here

Post by redlers » Mon May 26, 2014 4:27 pm

Mellel 3.3.3 is here. Some very interesting tidbits about this version:

First, Click to go and download it.

Second, about the new version - we've changed a bit to our normal bug-fix-update routine and in addition to numerous bug fixes we've also added several requested updates
[*]Recent fonts displayed in the Font menu (Character palette). From now on, you'll be able to easily access recent fonts.
[*]Footnotes and Endnotes: Added format + Space to note symbol formats selection. A much requested new feature, allowing you to set note number and Space following it.
[*]RTF Export: Added an option to control the resolution of converted vector images when exporting to RTF. This solves a problem with exporting vector images, as those are not supported correctly in RTF.
[*]Auto-title improvement: Structure levels without a name (empty) are not displayed in the Insert Auto-title menu or the Auto-title palette. This makes Auto-titles easier to use, without yawning gaps between structure levels and tag levels.
[*]Auto-title improvement: Icons for structure and tag levels, separator between structure and tag levels, and tag levels names displayed in blue - all in the Auto-title palette. And this just make things look nicer.
[*]Sign up dialogue (App store users).


Ori from RedleX

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