Some find and replace challenges

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Some find and replace challenges

Post by Sayyaar » Mon Nov 03, 2014 3:41 pm


I'm in the midst of cleaning up various aspects of a long mellel document. I need to remove all tables and replace them with graphics. I have done so for most, but the statistics palette tells me that there are still two tables remaining in the document. I'm not sure where these tables are lurking in my 300 pages of text. Is there a way to locate them using the Find feature? Unfortunately, not all of my tables were labeled with auto-titles. Otherwise, it would be easy.

A similar problem is how to locate text formatted with older and now unnecessary paragraph styles that linger in my document. The Replace Styles . . . dialogue indicates that I have some old document paragraph styles. I don't want to replace them until I can find them in the document and confirm that they ought to be replaced. Yet, it seems impossible to search for text that matches a certain paragraph style. (I know that I can use the "anything" expression and mark it with character styles, but that procedure doesn't seem to work for paragraph styles.)

Suggestions, anyone?


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