zoom changes in 3.4

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zoom changes in 3.4

Post by practik » Fri Jun 19, 2015 3:03 pm

Yesterday I downloaded 3.4, and in the release notes I see that several zoom-related issues have been fixed. I hadn't encountered any of those issues myself, but as soon as I started working with 3.4, I did notice a big change in zoom behavior, and I'm curious about it.

I’m a translator, so I spend most of my time working with two document windows open side by side. My standard procedure had been to open a new document in Mellel View at 100% magnification, then zoom in to 150% *without* resizing the window. That way the area inside the margins fit perfectly in the window, and the window fit perfectly in half of my screen.

In all the previous versions of Mellel I can remember, that active area inside the margins would stay centered in the window when I zoomed in and out. Now, as of 3.4, the document stays centered more or less on the cursor while zooming. The document also centers on the cursor when I jump to the beginning or end of a long document by selecting all and then hitting an arrow key. And when I search, the document centers (approximately) on each found expression.

All this recentering had the effect of sliding the document back and forth inside the Mellel window, making it harder for me to keep my place in the text as a whole. It also made it necessary to keep recentering the document manually, which meant I kept having to take my hands off the keyboard in order to use the trackpad.

Fortunately, I found a simple solution on this forum: I've switched to Compact View, which still centers and zooms the way Mellel View used to. But as I said at the beginning, I'm curious now: Why is zooming different in the two views? And maybe more importantly for me: Are there any plans to change the zoom behavior in Compact View in the future? (I hope not!)

Since this is my first forum post, I want to add that I love Mellel. I've been using it almost daily since 2.8 and it just gets better and better. Thank you, Ori and Eyal!

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