Irritating paragraph style changes on page break

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Irritating paragraph style changes on page break

Post by tika-tika » Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:02 am

I have recognised this problem for a while now, but I keep repeating it, so hope that someone can let me know where I am going wrong, or take note of a bug.

Note that this problem stems from an inability to anchor a caption to an image or table, an issue that has been raised elsewhere.

I make a paragraph style called "Caption" that is assigned to auto-titles such as Table, Image, Figure and so on. If the image is forced on to the next page, the caption often remains. This in itself is frustrating. But if I than create a page break before the caption so that it also moves to the next page, the paragraph style also changes to "body", may main test style. The character style, however, remains as Caption. Only the paragraph style changes.

If anyone can advise on what I am doing wrong, or has any constructive tips to get around this, I would like to hear it. If not, two things might be fixed in the next version of Mellel: 1) the feature of being able to anchor a caption to a table or image (or be able to put the auto-title in a single-cell table with no borders would be fine) and 2) that the paragraph style not change itself when a page break is inserted before it.

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