Mellel 3.4.4 is Here

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Mellel 3.4.4 is Here

Post by redlers » Mon Nov 23, 2015 3:08 pm

Hi to all,

Mellel 3.4.4. is here. Check it out (or read the fixes list and then check it out):
Mac Version
  • Improved support for font substitution with Coptic text
  • Added Coptic, Thai and Lao scripts to secondary font script list
  • Updated German hyphenation dictionary
  • Added support for ')' bracketing for citations
  • Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to crash when closing a window while in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed an issue when selecting a font family for the first time while in the find/replace fields would result in the family popup menu jumping back to the first menu
  • Fixed rendering of Thai text in the Outline and other places in the UI
  • Fixed an issue that caused italics to spread over to the entire citation on the second, third, etc bibliography scans when the final citation starts with italics
  • Fixed all sorts of issues with setting up and adjusting the markers submenu (edit menu), palette and keyboard shortcuts when the focus is in the find/replace fields
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect text entry when typing Korean fast in big and slow documents.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the character attribute description in "replace styles" not to include the marker attribute.
  • Allowing and preserving (not converting to normal text) percent encoded text in URL (if web)
  • Adjusting zoom level after showing/hiding the palettes in full-screen mode.
  • Fixed issues that caused bad/mis positioning of palettes when switching to split view on El Capitan and in other cases.
iOS version
  • Added support for command+b, +i and +u shortcuts (with a hardware keyboard) to toggle bold, italic and underline
Bug Fixes
  • When creating a new comment or opening an existing comment for editing the entire comment text is selected
  • Correctly navigating to edit user name after the user clicks "edit name" in the user name validation dialogue. Selecting text when switching to edit user name
  • Corrected behaviour with iOS 9 new split screen feature

Ori from RedleX

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