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Mellel 4 Beta is coming soon! - beta call...

Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 5:42 pm
by redlers
Hi to all,

Mellel 4.0 will be ready soon for beta testing. This new version of Mellel will probably introduce the biggest change we ever had in Mellel — in terms of new features, in terms of new ideas and concepts, in terms of how Mellel looks... and even in how it is purchased.

To name just some of the new features with this version:
  • Index: A much anticipated new feature... which we believe will blow even the most far-reaching expectations...
  • Story: An innovative new feature, allowing you to create story points, and attach characters and locations to them, order the 'plot' by timeline, importance, characters, and much more.
  • A revised Outline: with numerous additions, an Outliner work-flow, comments, tags and markers... and a filter to easily find an item.
  • GUI Overhaul (and a new icon)....
  • A revised and improved Style Set (and style editing).
  • Improvements and an overhaul with many features, such as footnotes, ToC auto-titles, markers, cross references (filter!), character and paragraph styles, and so on. Basically, it would have been easier to point to features that did not change, than to do the opposite...
Sounds interesting? Wish to chew on a really juicy bone? Here's your chance.

Go to and register today to join our beta group. We promise to consider every request — but would like to extend a special invitation to those who have a special interest (and experience) with index creation.

Ori from RedleX 8)