Mellel 4.1 is ready for beta testing...

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Mellel 4.1 is ready for beta testing...

Post by redlers » Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:54 am

Hi to all of you!

Mellel 4.1 is ready for beta testing. This new version of Mellel introduces several new features in some key areas, which we're sure you'll enjoy.
Here are some of the key elements:
DOCX import support: you've been asking for it, and we've delivered. With Mellel 4.1 you'll be able to open DOCX documents, with support for pretty much all the key features that need to be supported. Your tests will be invaluable here.
• Space limit: with a block aligned text, one of the main problem is how to layout text properly when you have a longer word at the end of a line. Mellel 4.1 implements a solution to that with the ability to set space limits, so that the spacing between words may be tightened, to avoid awkward spacing between words, or the even more awkward larger letter spacing.
• Tracking: with Mellel 4.1 you'll be able to set letter spacing (tracking) as a character attribute (the setting is in 1,000th Em space).
• Auto-kerning: Mellel already supports kerning with OpenType fonts. Now this support is extended to any font which has kerning pairs. No more AWAV problems!
• Outline improvements: Mellel 4.1 further enhances the outline, with alternating colours (to make it easier to spot the right outline item), more sensible layout of the outline (e.g., no indention with the second line in an auto-title), an option to go old-school with truncated lines, and more.
Auto-indent improvements: Mellel 4.1 adds some streamlining improvements to the auto-indent feature. Main among those is a smarter way to handle continuing paragraphs on the same indent level.
• Story improvements: The story will get out of the way (and out of the natural flow of the document text) with story points clearly marked and defined, and not messing around with the layout when they're hidden.

Sounds interesting? Worth giving up on those tired new year's eve celebrations to send us bugs? Well, here's your chance to chime in and make a difference.

Go to and register today, and gain access to our beta group. We promise to consider every request — and if you've participated in beta testing in the past, you're practically in.

Ori from Mellel

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Re: Mellel 4.1 is ready for beta testing...

Post by ed » Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:42 pm

Great with the new features. But I miss a short document with clear description how to implement the new features.

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Re: Mellel 4.1 is ready for beta testing...

Post by ed » Sat Jan 27, 2018 4:34 pm


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Re: Mellel 4.1 is ready for beta testing...

Post by shades » Tue Jan 30, 2018 8:38 pm

Unfortunately this beta is reverting to previous problems. I have also filed a couple reports on new problems.

1. “Recent documents” does not, in fact, show recent documents. I have worked on a file for 3 weeks (saving each time), but it never shows up in the Recent Documents (neither on File > Open nor on splash screen when Mellel opens).

2. The diamond styles have returned, even on the document you Beta team had cleaned up. When I looked at that file a week or so it was fine, no diamond styles. Now today after updating, the diamond styles show up even in the cleaned up document.

3. I have created several templates that worked perfectly. But with this update Mellel can’t find any of the templates, I can’t find them on my computer. And worse the templates that are there are standard fonts. So, now I have to recreate every template, change every single style (character and Paragraph and List, etc.). Mellel was working very well until this update. Very frustrating. I wonder how many times i have to recreate something to get to have a stable platform that offers the templates I created and need for every day work.
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Re: Mellel 4.1 is ready for beta testing...

Post by Senryu » Sun Mar 18, 2018 4:51 pm

Is there any news on when the beta is coming out? I did apply, and looking forward to seeing how well docx documents will open, as transfering fules from Mac's Pages is essential for me.

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